Arma 3 Takistan Life Gameplay Part 5 – “I Believe I Can Fly!”

Welcome to Arma 3 Takistan Life, which has finally been ported over from Arma 2 and now playable in Arma 3 with updated graphics and the same crazy interactions and gameplay! In today’s part of Takistan Life, Mr. Chow believes he can fly and we go to get a lot of weapons for our future adventures!

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Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Authentic, diverse, open – Arma 3 sends you to war.

The Takistan Life mission file creates an open world scenario where there are 4 factions. The UN, the TLA, the PMC and the Civilians. In Arma 3 Takistan Life The UN maintain law and order and are bound by law. They earn money by completing police activities such as patrols etc. The Civilians are the most popular faction in Arma 3 Takistan Life who earn money by completing civilian activities such as oil drilling or illegal activities such as drug muling, if caught doing an illegal action they are sent to jail by police.. if they are caught! The Arma 3 Takistan Life rebels are a separate country all together and go by the name TLA who have their own laws and can declare war on the police etc. The PMC are like mercenaries, they are bound by the contract they sign.

• Civilization Simulation — Arma 3 Takistan life does it’s best to replicate real life scenarios and activities for players from drug muling to oil drilling to car chases. It’s got it all (Nearly)
• Factions — Join up with either the police or the civilians in Arma 3 Takistan Life. Fight for the law, abide by it or go for a total revolution and join the rebel county! If none of these suit your fancy, live the mercenary life with the PMC
• Personal effects – Start as a lowly peasant without a vehicle or proper clothing and acquire an inventory of clothes, peripherals, vehicles, guns and peripherals to rival any player!
• In-game currency — Players pay for everything using in-game money in Takistan Life. You earn money by completing various activities like picking apples or running drugs.
• Gangs — Tired of running on your own? Team up with other players to form a gang! You can even get matching clothes!

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