Captain America Has TWO New Wakanda Shields Awesome

Captain America doesn’t just have one new shield in Avengers: Infinity War, he has two – and they both were revealed in the Avengers 3 Super Bowl TV spot this weekend. The upcoming comic book team-up movie comes from Captain America: Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and it takes place after the events of 2016’s superhero brawl, which means Cap needs a new shield to use in combat.


As audiences may recall, at the end of Civil War, when Cap (Chris Evans) was helping Bucky (Sebastian Stan), aka the Winter Soldier, walk away from their fight with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Cap dropped his shield and effectively rid himself of his Captain America title.

Cap was once again Steve Rogers – only Steve Rogers – but that didn’t mean he was no longer a superhero. And that certainly didn’t mean he doesn’t need a shield whenever he’s facing down hordes of enemies (as is shown in the Avengers 3 trailer). T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), aka Black Panther, knows Rogers needed something to defend himself, that’s why he tells his people to get Cap a shield in Infinity War‘s first trailer from November, presumably one made out of vibranium – the metal element that Cap’s original shield was comprised of.


The “first look” at Cap’s new shield was revealed in early February as part of a collection of new Avengers toys. But audiences got to see their first real look at the shield in all its glory in the Avengers: Infinity War TV spot that aired during Super Bowl LII this past weekend. Viewers can see Cap opening his shield at the 0:15 mark in that teaser. Here’s the thing, though, Cap actually has two shields in the movie, not one.

Viewers can see Cap running into battle – alongside Hulk, War Machine, Black Panther, etc. – with both shields in hand at the end of the Super Bowl teaser. Shockingly, both of those shields were already shown in the Infinity War trailer that released back in November – but no one spotted them. The same scene at the end of the Super Bowl spot was shown at the end of the film’s first trailer. A logical reason they were overlooked, though, is because the shields extend, and Cap was running with them compressed in the first trailer (pictured above).


As previously mentioned, Cap’s original shield was made out of vibranium – which is what made it strong, lightweight, and bulletproof – and his two, new shields will also be made out of the same material. That’s because the largest stockpile of vibranium in the world is found in Wakanda. And considering that Cap and Bucky are T’Challa’s allies, it makes sense that the Wakandan king would gift Cap new equipment to protect himself (and Wakanda) in battle. But will he sport the red, white, and blue colors again? Probably not.

Sure, Captain America used a variety of shields in the comics, but Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the movies; he’s Nomad. He’s not wearing the boy scout uniform anymore, but is rather donning a darker colored suit, a beard, and a concealable shield that allows him to take on clandestine operations. His very purpose has changed, and that means he doesn’t need the red, white, and blue colors anymore.

Black Panther release date: Feb 16, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War / The Avengers 3 release date: May 4, 2018
Ant-Man & The Wasp release date: Jul 6, 2018
Captain Marvel release date: Mar 8, 2019
The Avengers 4 / Untitled Avengers Movie release date: May 3, 2019
Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel release date: Jul 5, 2019

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