Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt Gameplay Part 2 – Close Call

Today in Gmod, we experience a few too many close calls… In this series, Starsnipe, Ritz, Aphmau, MeatyLock, and German will be playing Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt as we try to hide from each other and hunt for props that are hiding as well!

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What is Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt?

PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team, disguised as props, are given a 30 second set up time to hide, and afterwards players on the BLUE team must find and kill them in the given time period. At the end of each round, teams are swapped: Hunters (BLUE) become the Hunted (RED) and vice versa. Respawns arn’t permitted until the end of each round.

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♫ ‘Colors’ by Tobu
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