Has YouTube Saved Your Life?

Has YouTube Saved Your Life dontaigaa.com
Has YouTube Saved Your Life

So many times in my life but this one story that i’m about to share with you all, mega sized my life no doubt.

Some people in this beautiful world that we live in can not eat without a hot show to watch, like myself until one shocking day.

First off let me tell you. I ended up cooking rib eye steak in a pinch of butter, salt, pepper, rosemary leaves and whole garlic cloves on an hot iron pan, prepped myself a plate of brown rice and fried zucchini’s on the side. Placed them on the dining table along with a cup of water next to my lap top.

I searched home funniest video on YouTube and as I bit a huge chunk of steak off and I came across a funny part where I started laughing and failed to chew on the food that was in my mouth and swallowed it whole and something happened to me which I never thought would ever happen to me in a million years.

I started to choke

I have no knowledge in what to do in this situation. I tried hitting my core as hard as I can and to no avail I was still choking so I panicked I immediately searched on YouTube and tried to fast forward but kept buffering and at the point of losing my conscious where I just saw the guy in all four and dropped on his belly so I did the same and voila a monsterous chunk of steak came flying out. I laid down there dizzy and looked at the unchewed steak and knocked it out my sight and laughed my ass off because I cheated death.

Ever since after this incident I was traumatized so I prevented myself from watching anything that will make me laugh while eating.

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