I Love Girls With Hips

This is something I discovered when I was at the age of 25. I know some of you are probably thinking what? Why so late to know that and why so specific. Some people discover their likes and dislikes in a man or woman much earlier.

I Love Girls With Hips and Curves don taiga
I Love Girls With Hips and Curves

I’ve heard rumours that you can discover this from the age of 11. Personally I would suggest you take this with a pinch of salt as puberty can affect so many things besides 11 year olds don’t exactly have experience whatsoever to help them find their way in life nor to help them shape their minds and discoveries. Point is before I was 25 I was always so focused on girls with big boobs and big bum because that’s what i see on TV and social preference. I’ll clear up very quickly that internet is not a safe place for kids growing up, let alone teenagers. Their minds are driven influentially and eager to no more.

My parents didn’t even know that I had come across some naughty sites and seen things I can’t ever unsee at the age of 10 growing up. I was innocently searching for Barbie dolls toys for my sister asa birthday present to surprise her as the year before she got me a Superheroe toy set. Though I think my mum paid for her. Then came across real life adult dolls used by fully grown men for “self entertainment”. How could i explain such discovery to my parents. I did however told my uncle who then told my mum and my mum secretly tweaked all internet settings to maximum security and I mean maximum. My parents had all sort of internet safety software in place but that didn’t stop the computer I was using at the time. Though I didn’t know this then but as many years went by it began to make sense everytime my mind went back to that day. Its safe to say my mum laughs about it with me now that am much older. My parents took very quick action and helped me during my puberty stage. Though as a boy I was so shy and didn’t want to know about it and at the same time I wanted to know as I was full of curiosity and my body was telling me that am changing.

I Love Girls With Hips don taiga
I Love Girls With Hips dontaigaa.com

what people do or say has shaped our mindset and damaged a lot of peoples ideology of looks and beauty and youths. I believe this affected the vulnerable ones especially people with minds that can be easily influenced. I believe these are the real victims. They grow up having this perception that a beautiful girl has to have big boobs big bum size 8 waist. Tanned and long hair, big blue eyes like in Disney Movies the list goes on seriously. I can think of so many. But they forget that it’s not always about looks. What we see in Music videos and movies especially plays a massive role in people’s life. I don’t so much believe in PEGI ratings anymore as some films are moving up or down the pegi ratings ladder so they can target more audience and make more money regardless if it affects the children or not. Though I do think a vast majority of people do know that it’s not all about looks but still choose to go the other way, even though they know what’s right and wrong. It’s not always easy to see the truth nor accept it. Especially from experience. Tv commercials don’t help either. Though I must say that the perception i had when i was a teenager did land me some very beautiful girls I liked and fell in love with, had a long and deep relationship with but were never in love with me as it turns out. People are different in so many countless ways. People say there’s no such thing as the full package. Either you have 3 and forget about 4 and 5. A joke I make with my mates. Like they say Half bread is better than none.

I Love Girls With Hips don taiga
I Love Girls With Hips dontaigaa.com

In life truth of the matter is there is no perfect way to be with someone because everyday is different. She might have loved your joke yesterday but does mean she’s in the mood for it today. It’s all about being who you are, like who you are, understand that people are different everyday and it’s normal as derives from emotions and feelings. Men aren’t so intertwine with their feelings like women are. Human emotions are fully normal and can’t be labelled specifically. Learn to go with the flow. If something doesn’t work try something else. Never force them to do anything, be there for them and support. Always speak positively. Learn to do things on your own aswell as with them. Respect their wishes and space. Live life and have fun. Treat them like you will like to be treated. If there’s something you don’t understand always ask. Never leave an unsolved situation buried always deal with it. Try the very best to come to an agreement always. Understand that sometimes things won’t go your way and you have to put other people before you.

I Love Girls With Hips don taiga
I Love Girls With Hips dontaigaa.com

There are so many online articles on meeting someone and liking someone and even know what to do when you go dating. Unfortunately even when people do find what they want they really don’t see it. It’s a shame. Should I blame the society for this or what. I think people with like minded minds like mine should go out together and match out there and speak to all entertainment companies, and neglecting parents. Everything always seemed to me as if it’s all about me. I have to be the one on the spotlight it’s not my fault its them. I was so self centred in everything I did at that teenage period. I even failed to see when I was wrong. In most cases I always regret what I did after the damage is done and the people that actually cared about me are hurting and have left me to my miseries. I stare at my self in the mirror and gasp deep breath in. What do I do how do i make this better.

Some people say how a child is treated and how they were brought up by their parents can shape their minds and affect their perception of life and everything around them, and mostly affect how they find love and deal with it. In fact it affects them for the rest of their life. I call this a vicious circle of human behaviour waiting to find an innocent soul to claim and ruin. God help us all. I must say being in multiple relationships at different lenghts, different outcomes and having my heart broken made me stronger. I quickly used this oppurtunity and gave my self space and time to know my self. I lied this is inevitable it was going to happen whether I liked it or not. I think for some people this definitely happens or may be to most humans who have experienced emotional pain that source from loving someone and been loved. For many years I struggled to see how my actions and self made decisions affected others and how I wanted others to treat me. This is a grey area that can take years to figure out. As for me this was year’s in the making for me to grow and be a mature man.

Ladies I don’t know if some of You know this but men are slow learners and always will be it’s how our brain is wired, it’s how we were created by the man up there. Though I have always wondered why god created men the way he did. They said that god created humans in his own image and likeness. If this is true does this mean that god being a man thinks like we men do and if this is true. This opens up a whole new chapter for everyone. Why can’t men think like women do, I said To myself. I want to have the ability to be able to multitask in most situations and not just when having intercourse. I want to be able to figure out situations and plan well ahead. They say a man’s brain is mostly about intercourse, alcohol, chicken wings and football nights. As a man myslef, I would absolutely say out of 100 percent for each subject matter that women have labelled mens brain to be, 60 to 70 percent right about the intercourse thing, we men don’t always think about intercourse, we only do if we see a girl that looks pretty, beautiful, hot or cute “noticed that I used pretty, beautiful, hot or cute separately” we men do rate women with those followings. If she has what we like in a woman interms of our preference and desire then the intercourse part of our brain starts thinking gosh I would love to date her and have her any way she likes, 20 to 30 percent in terms of alcohol, 80 to 90 percent on chicken wings unless if it’s like hot barbecued chicken wings and a cider then I’ll give it 100 percent. On sports I would say 60 to 75 percent.

Ladies notice that chicken wings had 80 to 90 percent this is because food is the way to a man’s heart. It just is no questions asked. Men need food to keep up our energy and do chores for the ladies or things the women can’t do. Though when men are in the moment of having intercourse then chicken wings and sports drop right down to zero percent. In other words we have no care on what’s happening around us we just want intercourse as our brain can only deal with one thing at a time unless we pull ourselves from the situation. I think from the moment god created human beings we were already destined for destruction whether its from other people or from ourselves.

When i got to the age of 25, i finally figured out that its not always about looks, just because she has a big bum, a pretty face and our preference doesn’t mean she’s your wife lol. I finally knew myself, I knew that I want a girl with a personality that will resonate with mine as I like to make jokes when the opportunity seems right and in the moment. A girl that is not afraid to make jokes or banter with me. I like to have fun, go out with my friends and catch up with superheroe movies or any movie we’re in the mood for, spend time with families, i like to give to people and i like to share when I can. I enjoy running my business and exercising when I can either at home or outdoors. I don’t even know how to be in a relationship or understand what is expected of each person and how to look after each other. Do you text them every morning, every afternoon and every evening before they go to bed. Do I call or do I text. Do I be a bad boy or do I be the romantic type. May be I should I just be myself. But what if she doesn’t like my real self. All these questions are flying through our minds one after the other.

We are who we are individually and what we like or don’t like is our individual views says the guy that Likes Girls With Hips

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