Sam Smith CHOOSES Side In Taylor Swift Vs. Kim Kardashian Feud

During a game of “Plead the Fifth” the crooner was asked a bunch of tough questions, including which celebrity has been the most horrible to him, but the one that stirred the most drama is when he was asked to choose between team Taylor and team kim in their highly visible celebrity feud. To fill y’all in, their feud is back in the limelight, because on the same day as Taylor’s vogue cover, Kim posted a behind-the-scenes pic of Kanye’s infamous famous video which featured a naked wax figure of tay
tay herself. Anyway, Sam was asked to choose between the two, because he is allegedly close with both of them. first, Sam set the record straight saying that he’s isn’t as close to Taylor as everything seems to think:

Then, Andy Cohen pressed him to pick a side between the two superstars, he admitted he knew Kim more than Taylor, but wasn’t on Kim’s team, per se, “they’re aren’t really team’s are they?”. Andy followed up again saying “What do you think of their feud?” And his coy response?

Wouldn’t we all Sam, Wouldn’t we all….
Well, what do you think of Sam’s answer? What details are we missing and are YOU team kim or team taylor? Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe for more Clevver updates. I’m Zoë Lillian and you can find on the internet.


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