Venom: Riz Ahmed’s Mystery Character Revealed?

Photos from the set of the upcoming Venom movie may reveal the identity of Riz Ahmed’s character. While fans were initially super resistant to the idea of an Eddie Brock movie without Spider-Man, more than a few put the film back on their anticipated list when Tom Hardy signed on to play the titular role. The A-lister’s involvement definitely fueled the hype flames, as did other talent additions like Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, and director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland).

Venom’s solo movie gained even more momentum when up and coming star Riz Ahmed (Rogue One) boarded the project. It was initially believed that Ahmed had signed on to play Carnage, aka Cletus Kasady, though that report was later debunked. Two months after filming got underway, we still don’t know who’s playing Carnage. On the bright side, we do have a pretty good idea of which role Ahmed is taking on.

Atlanta Filming has just revealed the set photo featured below of Ahmed, and according to their sources, he’s playing Dr. Carlton Drake in the movie.

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Dr. Drake from #Venom, in costume.

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Drake is a key figure in the Lethal Protector comic arc, which Hardy has confirmed is a major source of inspiration for the film adaptation. Drake is the leader of the Life Foundation, the group looking to tap into Venom’s power and replicate it. The five resulting symbiotes of their experiments (Agony, Lasher, Riot, Phage, and Scream) are then used to try to destroy Venom for good. Eddie Brock will certainly have his hands full in this one, and it’s looking like Riz Ahmed is being positioned to be the man pulling the strings.

If Atlanta Filming‘s sources are accurate, this will certainly be a new challenge for Ahmed. Best known for his work in Nightcrawler, Rogue One, and The Night Of, we haven’t really seen the actor take on a villainous role of this magnitude yet. But given the 35-year-old’s off the charts talent, we’re certainly not going to put it past him. We’re not entirely sure where Carnage fits into the picture, as more recent rumors that Scott Haze would be playing the mass-murdering symbiote were recently debunked as well. There’s always the chance that the Life Foundation is responsible for his creation as well, of course. We’ll just have to wait until Venom hits theaters late next year to know for sure.

Venom release date: Oct 5, 2018

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