Why you should drink alcohol when you have a sore throat or chest cough?

Now coming from me this might sound a little weird to you guys and this is because you would not associate drinking alcohol with sickness. I know in some countries they do and in-fact have practised this. Check out List of countries that drink alcohol during Sickness.

So I got back from work on a Friday evening. Feeling tired and also excited that the weekend is finally here. 20 minutes into my Friday evening I started having that dry annoying itchy feeling in my throat. I couldn’t quite nail what it was. I drank water it didn’t work. I drank ginger and honey that didn’t seem to work either. So I went to be feeling like there was nothing I could do to get rid of this annoying throat feeling.

On Saturday morning I got up feeling unrefreshed with a bad chesty cough and I knew it was the whole throat thing I’ve got going on. Immediately I thought to myself i have got to get some meds to help with this so i went to the pharmacy and got some medications and am talking about paracetamol, Lemsip etc. BTW this is not cold related I don’t think unless I start having runny nose or cold symptoms.

I took the meds had my breakfast relaxed it didn’t work. Then in the evening I thought to my self am not going to be feeling miserable about this throat thing. That’s what I named it “The Throat Thing”. I had Bulmers Cider and Kopperberg Cider Rasberry very sweet alcohol drink. It didn’t have too much units. But I must say when I went to be bed and woke up the next morning. I felt a lot better.

Alcohol is known to have a lot of wonderful use in medicine, in cooking there’s whole list.

The alcohol I drank helped my body to combat the bacteria in the back of my throat causing my skin to feel irritated and dry. This combined with a good sleep will help you recover quickly.

Normally when I get a sore throat it takes a while to wear off my system sometimes weeks but in this case the alcohol shortened that. It couldn’t have been the medications because those I took early in the morning with my breakfast and I didn’t feel any different at all.

So there you go guys alcohol has it’s good use if done right. Now guys this is not a reason to use to start drinking unnessarily. We adults do need to be responsible for how much alcohol units we consume daily or weekly if need be.

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