Women Are Real Living Superheroes

Women Are Real Living Superheroes dontaigaa.com
Women Are Real Living Superheroes

Yes that’s right am a man who knows that Women are the real living Superheroes, though I respect Bruce Banner The Hulk. He’s my favourite superheroe character from the Avengers.

If your a man and you disagree with this, I’ll strongly advice that you hold your ladies hands, kiss her softly, complement her, make her something warm to relax her, or take her out, ask about her day and ask her what is like to be a woman. If she has the time and in the mood for a deep convo she will blow your mind and that should clarify things, hey may be she would even look at you differently and respect you as her man. You might even get a quickie later in the night if she’s in the mood. Women notice the little things you do for them and not the jewellery you got her last Xmas. Trust me she appreciates the jewellery as it complements that hand bag she bought from Forever 21 and that dress from Zara, but its the little moment you spend together and asking about her well being and paying attention shows you think about her and you care. BTW you can even ask your mother. She will be happy to clarify things for you. Back to my point, Men and women have their massive differences in so many ways whether its in our body structure, looks, strengths, weaknesses, the way we think and well being, the list is huge and endless. We can most likely cover a whole book when it comes to writing about women’s strengths.

Women have huge capabilities that surpasses men massively in so many ways and yet men are deemed the strongest beings just because they have strength and muscles riggling through out their body and masculinity generated through over rated tv shows and movies. I blame the society. Top bosses at top companies are run by mostly men probably due to society deeming women as too emotional and incapable of making better judgements when shit hits the fan as they say, which isn’t the case. This is due to the stone age period back when humans were still living in caves and men were the bread winner and provider they worked long hours, hunt animals for dinner, make shelter and build things to provide for the family. Women were mostly house bound cooking, cleaning, looking after the children and regular intercourse with their husbands to keep them happy and content, especially if she wants a roof over her head or if she needs someone to provide and look after her. I most certainly feel sorry for women back then and to top the list of negativity a woman couldn’t speak or voice her opinions on anything in the house or what she wants. Everything was about what he wants. He’s house he’s rules. This culture carried on for centuries all across the world till the point where women weren’t even allowed to vote because again they were seen as irrelevant or as I’ve heard in some movies “weaker vessels”. Absolutely ridiculous. This mistake and disbelief were caused by men with terrible thinking method and this behaviour passed down through so many generations and shaped certain peoples mind.

Women have deeper understanding with situations that most or all men can’t even begin to understand. What am about to say will probably put your husbands or boyfriends to shame. Men get ready to have your minds blown. Time for you to see the real living superheroes that were next to you or in your life the whole time and you didn’t even notice the weights she carries, whether it’s your mum or girlfriend or wife or even female friends. You as a man heads to the gym to carry a 250kg of weights, you look at your self in the mirror and say yes am the worlds strongest man great you feel very strong heck that can only help in lifting the things she can’t do but yet you act like a baby when your sick and the whole world has to halt just because you have a mild stomach pain. Women are to be respected and looked after in a lot of ways and yet they don’t ask for anything in return. All they ask is for you to be there for them. Motivate them, help them, change the bins and keep the house neat and clean.

Tell her and show her you love her deeply. Make her feel safe. Make her know that she’s the only one and always will be. Spoil her whenever you can and when you want to. Don’t just spoil her because you feel the need to do it, it should be natural and complimentary to her. Otherwise she will sense it and will most likely question you.

Can you handle period pain every month for the rest of your life, hormones changing, emotions flying every where. Don’t you think women want to be able to have intercourse freely with their man and not worry so much about getting pregnant. Especially having to be taking “morning after pills” or have a needle in their arm or having a regular prescribed pills to keep her womb from attaching any of her glorious monthly egg to mix with a crazy sperm that thinks he can make his way through the World War 2 canal and live happily ever after with the girl of its dreams. To top this all these pills have side effects on women. If this does not make a man think twice and respect he’s women am really not sure what will.

Woman can think and plan well ahead. Women are far better at multi tasking and they can solve a situation and circumstances that are completely riddled. A Women can Carry a baby for 9 months in side her and she can still look after herself her husband and the house and still make plans for the future. Child birth is right at the top of women’s strength and most women’s heart can take the strain and stress of giving birth. A woman’s hips in most cases of child birth comes apart and then comes back together. I doubt any man walking this earth can deal with all this and this is because this is how god made women and men. A woman’s body can deal with stress, breast feeding and still bounce back after child birth. Women can handle pain far better than men can. Women are beautiful delicate flowers that needs to be looked after in a gentle way and take time with not rush.

Did you know that a successful man has a superheroe woman at home that’s why he’s successful but am talking the kind of success where it’s real good living, good money and not i quote “Dirty Money” as the BBC watch dog crime investigation unit stated. Men and women are very complicated beings and that’s just how it is but in all of our differences and difficulties there are those sparkling little beautiful stars that can be reached in each and every one of us. It takes time, care and love to see it, receive it and enjoy it. Like I said in my article called “I Love Girls With Hips” Men are very visual in terms of what they like in a woman and how they see a women it’s how our brain is wired, we perceive what we see in first instance of meeting a women we don’t so much think deep into things. We bounce off everything around us and keep moving. Women take their time and understand things and try their very best to do the right thing. Thanks to the creation of Gods Image.

We are not in this world to hate each other but to love each other and help each other to grow and populate the lands, teach the young ones and live life to the fullest says the Man who sees Women as Living Superheroes. Thanks for reading Don Taiga

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